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Safety and Community Support

Safety is a huge issue for people in this city. It has been sensationalized as well as ignored. There are many layers and complexities to the issues of safety in the neighborhoods of Chicago. The ebb and flow of those complexities range from wanting to feel safe and protected, to fearing those who are tasked with the job of protecting. It is no secret that we have issues of police brutality in this city. In the 5th Ward in particular we have a mixture of diversity and segregation that heavily impacts the make-up of the ward. Knowing that brutality disproportionately impacts residents of color, it is imperative that we work to understand and find solutions to issues of safety related to intercommunal violence as well as state sanctioned violence. It is not enough to cast blame or throw up our hands to this problem. We must continue working on sorting through the issues to come up with solutions. The way the that government and corporate systems are designed, we need the police. They are an intrinsic aspect to how people sort out insurance claims when there have been accidents, property damage, or experienced personal injury. The report from the police establishes a narrative about the incident. When the police are not trustworthy, see residents as enemy combatants, and do not value the residents they are tasked with serving, we find that the complexity of our problems becomes exponentially more difficult to solve. Shelly is invested in looking at these issues from many ways and tackling issues of safety and relationships with the police that serve the residents of the 5th Ward. 


Below are a list of links to help educate and inform constituents on the ideas that Shelly has considered. Please join her in understanding and looking at solutions that put community residents first.

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